Southwest Desert Pottery


Welcome to Southwest Desert Pottery.  We are proud to offer you a selection of authentic Native American Pottery fashioned in the high plateaus of the American West. This is where the mountains meet the desert and the land is rich in the heritage of the Native Americans.

Here, the Native American artists demonstrate their natural artistic talents in the production of each piece of pottery.  Their inspiration is drawn from their native culture as well as the natural beauty of their homeland.  Each piece is hand-painted or etched by Navajo or Ute artists and personally signed by them. Many of the designs have a story to tell and a story card is included. Each piece also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Making of Our Pottery

factory-1 Mixing
Our clays come from New York, California, Tennessee and Texas. They are mixed to form a high quality casting slip.

The Slip is then pumped into molds which dry the clay from the outside in. When the proper thickness is reached, the excess slip is poured out and recycled.

factory-2 Cleaning
After the pottery has gone through the drying process for 24 hours, each piece then has the seams removed and is smoothed with a sponge before painting.
factory-3 Painting
All pieces are painted or etched by Navajo or Ute artists. Each piece is personally signed by them. Some artists have been instrumental in creating new pottery lines.
factory-6 Artists are free to use individual expression within the limits of the pottery line they are making. factory-7
factory-4 Firing
Pieces are fired in four large gas kilns. It takes 3 to 5 hours to reach and hold 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, then several hours to cool off.

Pottery Highlights

Black on Black Pottery

BB-Wedding-Vase-70023Santa Clara is a Tewa Tribe located twenty-five miles north of Santa Fe, NM. on the west bank of the Rio Grande. The Santa Clara mainly use the black on black pottery style, a decoration that comes from the high polish given to the black surface by painstakingly rubbing. Since 1930, potters have been experimenting with designs of matte (lusterless) black on polished black like those first made at the San Ildefonso pueblo.

We offer a contemporary polished adaptation of black on black pottery at a very affordable price.


Native Lore Pottery



The importance of the buffalo to many tribes is immeasurable. Every part of the animal was used for clothing, food, cookware, water flasks, tools, weapons, toys, ceremonial uses and so on. The buffalo was considered to be a gift from the Great Spirit.


Calling the Spirits Pottery

CtS-Montezuma-Jar-69084For more than a thousand years the flute has provided the Native Americans a beautiful way to communicate through music. This line of pottery is a tribute to the Flute. This story is of the Shaman isolating himself in the mountains to communicate with the Spirit of the Animals, asking for their assistance for His People. We hope the Music of the Flute can call you and take you to those peaceful landscapes within.


Rock Art Pottery

RA-Navajo-Petal-Vase-80039The humpbacked flute player is a deity rooted deep in Anasazi traditions and is still rampant in the pantheons of many pueblo peoples. To the Hopi, he is Kokopelli, influential in fertility and abundance, whether it be in the hunt, the fields, or human reproduction.
Thus his presence on the Colorado Plateau country is natural, for the region was a place of birth for the Anasazi and other southwest peoples.
This figure, along with others on Rock Art Pottery, is representative of the symbols used by the Anasazi (The Ancient Ones).


Ancient Shadows Pottery

AS-Cedar-Mesa-Jug-30052The figures depicted on this pottery are representative of those chiseled into canyon walls by the Anasazi, an ancient civilization of the desert southwest. The petroglyphs and muted geometric shapes give a glimpse into the life of ancient rock artists who disappeared long ago. The shadow of their existence is cast over the centuries.


Sunset Canyon Pottery

SC-Anasazi-Bowl-35089Experience the warmth and relaxation of a southwestern sunset. Earthtones graduate in color and intensity at the setting of the sun in the canyon country just before twilight. A lonely juniper tree enhances the feeling of quiet solitude.


Navajo Lifestyles

NL-Cedar-Mesa-Jug-32052Traditional and contemporary come together in Navajo Lifestyles Pottery. Silhouettes of world-famous Monument Valley rock formations are interwoven with traditional Navajo rug weaving and shepherding scenes.


Sonora Desert Pottery

SD-Pillow-Vase-44141Experience the calming solitude of the desert. Quiet contemplation tunes your senses and in time the stark barren wilderness yields its true character, revealing a rich texture of color and subtle abundance as the desert comes alive.

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